Bossa Nova & Strings

Following up on the amazing success of Ian’s production of Billie Holiday’s ‘Lady In Satin’ album, he was engaged by Bristol International Jazz Festival to produce another blockbuster concert. This time the theme was ‘Bossa Nova and Strings’. This concert will feature live performnces of two very famous albums. Firstly, the incomparable ‘Francis Albert Sinatra and Antonio Carlos Jobim. Jobim’s already established compositions were compiled along with some great American Songbook classics and given the magic touch by the great Claus Ogerman to produce one of the most famous albums ever recorded. Denny Ilett hands over his familiar guitar duties to sing this album with the orchestra.

None other than Clare Teal joins the orchestra to perform another great classic album, Doris Day’s ‘Latin For Lovers’. This album also comprises songs from the same genres as the Sinatra/Jobim recordings. Interspersed amongst all of these songs will be some of Jobim’s own instrumental recordings, arranged by Claus Ogerman and Nelson Riddle.

At the time of publishing this web page, the coronavirus epidemic has wiped out the concert planed for 28th March 2020 at St. George’s, Bristol. There are plans to re-schedule it to Friday 6th August 2021, so we’ll have to wait and see if this is possible. Fingers crossed!

Clare Teal
Denny Ilett