Due to the coronavirus outbreak, there are a lot of postponements and cancellations. I have left the old dates back to April 2020 to remind myself what life was like! Please scroll to the bottom of the list to find out which gigs have survived!

17th April 2020Jazz ClubGORING ON THAMES (CANCELLED)UKDenny Ilett Frank Sinatra Show
18th April 2020Jazz ClubEPSOM (CANCELLED)UKGuest
19th April 2020Golf ClubMARLBOROUGH (CANCELLED)UKPrivate Function
26th April 2020Chicken Shed TheatreCOCKFOSTERS, LONDON (POSTPONED)UKIt’s Trad Dad
30th April 2020The Jazz BunkerCHORLEYWOOD (CANCELLED)UKGuest with Simon Spillett
5th May 2020Ivy BrasserieCHELTENHAM (CANCELLED)UKKim Cypher
8th May 2020AnfieldLIVERPOOL (CANCELLED)UKThe Time Bandits
9th May 2020Everyman TheatreCHELTENHAM (CANCELLED)UKElectric Lady Big Band
12th May 2020100 ClubLONDON (POSTPONED to 2nd Nov 20)UKSimon Spillett Big Band
21st May 2020Tivoli TheatreWIMBORNE (CANCELLED)UKTony Jacobs Tuxedo Jazz Orchestra
28th May 2020Jazz FestivalIsle of Wight (POSTPONED)UKIt’s Trad Dad
30th May 2020Jazz ClubBERKHAMSTED (POSTPONED to 2021)UKBateman Brothers Louis Armstrong All-Stars Tribute
2nd June 2020Ivy BrasserieCHELTENHAM (CANCELLED)UKKim Cypher
14th June 2020ConcertRICHMOND, LONDON (CANCELLED)UKTony Jacobs Tuxedo Jazz Orchestra
20th June 2020Private FunctionBRIDGEND (CANCELLED)UKPrivate Function
21st June 2020Phyllis Court Jazz ClubHENLEY-ON-THAMES (POSTPONED)UKIt’s Trad Dad
27th June 2020FestivalGLASTONBURY (CANCELLED)UKWhaletail
30th June 2020Ivy BrasserieCHELTENHAM (CANCELLED)UKKim Cypher
4th July 2020Private FunctionDOVER (CANCELLED)UKLondon Swing Orchestra
7th July 2020Jazz ClubOLNEY (POSTPONED)UKIt’s Trad Dad
11th July 2020Jazz FestivalWIGAN (CANCELLED)UKElectric Lady Big Band
12th July 2020Jazz FestivalSWANAGE (POSTPONED)UKSimon Spillett Big Band
18th July 2020Jazz FestivalSWINDON (CANCELLED)UKGuest with Alan Barnes
19th July 2020Innervision FestivalLONDON (CANCELLED)UKElectric Lady Big Band
4th August 2020Ivy BrasserieCHELTENHAM (CANCELLED)UKKim Cypher
14th August 2020Jazz FestivalPERSHORE (POSTPONED)UKKeith Nicholls
16th August 2020Jazz FestivalPERSHORE (POSTPONED)UKJulian Stringle Band
21st April 2020Jazz ClubMARKET BOSWORTH (CANCELLED)UKGuest with Ben Holder & Alan Bateman
1st September 2020Ivy BrasserieCHELTENHAMUKKim Cypher
2nd September 2020Jazz FestivalBUDE (2 shows) (POSTPONED TO 1st SEPTEMBER 2021)UKIan Bateman’s Jazz Crusaders
27th September 2020Royal OakSWINDONUKTrio with Chris Cobbson (gtr) and Raph Mizraki (bass)
29th September 2020Ivy BrasserieCHELTENHAM (CANCELLED)UKKim Cypher
4th October 2020Hunters ClubBURY St. EDMUNDS (CANCELLED)UKGuest
6th October 2020Jazz FestivalBRISTOL (POSTPONED)UKDenny Ilett & Clare Teal + Ian Bateman Orchestra
11th October 2020Jazz Festival (afternon)HERTFORDSHIRE (CANCELLED)UKSimon Spillett Big Band
11th October 2020Jazz Festival (evening)BRISTOL (POSTPONED)UKFestival Orchestra – James Bond Themes
23rd October 2020Jazz ClubNORTH COTSWOLD (POSTPONED)UKBateman Brothers Louis Armstrong All-Stars Tribute
27th October 2020Cadogan HallLONDON (POSTPONED)UKIt’s Trad Dad
2nd November 2020100 ClubLONDON (POSTPONED)UKSimon Spillett Big Band
3rd November 2020Ivy BrasserieCHELTENHAM (CANCELLED)UKKim Cypher
12th November 2020Blue Vanguard Jazz ClubEXETER (CANCELLED)UKGuest with Craig Milverton Trio
13th November 2020Jazz FestivalHAYLING ISLAND (CANCELLED)UKGuest
14th November 2020Jazz NightPAVENHAM (POSTPONED)UKBateman Brothers – Kenny Ball’s Greatest Hits
15th November 2020Jazz Weekend, Talbot HotelSOUTHPORT (POSTPONED)UKBateman Brothers – Kenny Ball’s Greatest Hits
18th-26th November 2020TourVarious Cities (POSTPONED)POLANDDenny Ilett
22nd November 2020Cadogan HallLONDON (POSTPONED TO NOV 2021)UKBossa Nova & Strings
1st December 2020Ivy BrasserieCHELTENHAM (CANCELLED)UKKim Cypher
9th December 2020Jazz ClubPERSHORE (CANCELLED)UKIt’s Trad Dad
12th December 2020TROWBRIDGE (CANCELLED)UKSolo Performance – Choral Concert
19th February 2021Jazz ClubONGAR (POSTPONED)UKBateman Brothers Louis Armstrong All-Stars Tribute
7th March 2021Ronnie Scott’sLONDONUKElectric Lady Big Band (Livestream only)
12th March 2021Jazz NightNORTHALLERTON (CANCELLED)UKNow You Has Louis & Bing! Tony Jacobs + Enrico Tomasso + Bateman Brothers Jazz Band
21st March 2021Cadogan HallLONDON (Matinee and Concert) – POSTPONEDUKIt’s Trad Dad
27th March 2021St. GeorgesBRISTOL JAZZ FESTIVAL (POSTPONED)UKPaul Jones Big Band
28th March 2021St. GeorgesBRISTOL JAZZ FESTIVAL (POSTPONED)UKClare Teal + Denny Ilett. Jobim + Strings + my orchestra!
10th April 2021Jazz FestivalSWINDON (POSTPONED)UKGuest with Alan Barnes
24th April 2021Jazz ClubBERKHAMSTED (POSTPONED)UKBateman Brothers Louis Armstrong All-Stars Tribute
20th-30th May 2021TourVarious Cities (CANCELLED)ISRAELClaire Martin + All-Star Band
31st May – 7th June 2021Jazz WeekRHODES (POSTPONED)GREECEDenny Ilett All-Star Band
2nd June 2021100 ClubLONDON (POSTPONED)UKSimon Spillett Big Band
9th July 2021Jazz ClubILMINSTERUKGuest – Craig Milverton All-Stars
15th July 2021Talbot Hotel Jazz BreakSOUTHPORT (POSTPONED)UKKenny Ball’s Greatest Hits
25th July 2021Guiting FestivalCHELTENHAMUKGuest
27th-31st July 2021Glorious Goodwood RacingNr PORTSMOUTHUKEnrico Tomasso
6th August 2021St. GeorgesBRISTOL (POSTPONED)UKClare Teal + Denny Ilett. Jobim + Strings + my orchestra!
7th August 2021Private FunctionWOODBRIDGE, SUFFOLKUKIan Bateman All-Stars
15th August 2021Jazz FestivalPERSHORE (CANCELLED)UKGuest
15th August 2021SwingfestBALHAM, LONDONUKEchoes of Ellington
18th August 2021Croham Golf ClubCROYDONUKLouise Cookman Big Band
19th August 2021The MaltingsSNAPEUK“A Night At The Apollo”
21st August 2021Jazz FestivalHERNE BAYUKLouise Cookman Big Band
29th August 2021St. GeorgesBRISTOLUKPaul Jones Big Band
1st September 2021Jazz FestivalBUDE (2 shows – POSTPONED TO 2022)UKIan Bateman’s Jazz Crusaders
2nd September 2021MARLOWUKPaul Jones Big Band
3rd September 2021Ronnie Scott’sLONDONUKElectric Lady Big Band
4th September 2021Ronnie Scott’sLONDONUKElectric Lady Big Band
5th September 2021BRISTOLUKElectric Lady Big Band
12th September 2021Jazz FestivalISLE OF WIGHT (CANCELLED)UKIt’s Trad Dad!
18th September 2021Dance FestivalSILVERSTONEUKShirt Tail Stompers
19th September 20211940’s FestivalCHELTENHAMUKKim Cypher
3rd October 2021Hunters ClubBURY St. EDMUNDS (CANCELLED)UKGuest
17th October 2021Jazz FestivalHERTFORDSHIREUKSimon Spillett Big Band
20th October 2021100 ClubLONDONUKSimon Spillett Big Band
23rd October 2021WELLSUKEchoes of Ellington (The Jazz Planets)
2nd November 2021Jazz ClubOLNEYUKIt’s Trad Dad!
3rd November 2021Concorde ClubEASTLEIGHUKEchoes of Ellington
8th November 2021Spice of LifeLONDONUKBossa Nova with Gui Tavares (lunchtime)
11th November 2021St. GeorgesBRISTOLUKClare Teal + Denny Ilett. Jobim + Strings + my orchestra!
14th November 2021Jazz ClubPHYLLIS COURT, HENLEY-ON-THAMESUKIt’s Trad Dad!
21st November 2021Cadogan HallLONDONUKBossa Nova & Strings with the orchestra of the Jazz Reparatory Company
5th December 2021The Music CentreBRADFORD-ON-AVONUKMozart Classical Concert
11th December 2021Private FunctionHEREFORDUKTime Bandits
16th December 2021Jazz ClubTOPSHAMUKGuest with The Craig Milverton Trio
17th December 2021Jazz ClubILMINSTERUKKick Ass Brass
31st December 2021Ronnie Scott’sLONDONUKRonnie Scott’s Big Band
1st January 2022Ronnie Scott’sLONDONUK Ronnie Scott’s Big Band
2nd January 2022Ronnie Scott’sLONDONUK Ronnie Scott’s Big Band
9th February 2022Concorde ClubEASTLEIGHUKSimon Spillett Big Band
16th March 2022Concorde ClubEASTLEIGHUKEchoes Of Ellington
21st March 2022BURY St. EDMUNDSUKEchoes of Ellington
23rd March 2022Concorde ClubEASTLEIGHUKLouis Armstrong Show with Joanna Eden & Enrico Tomasso
9th April 2022Jazz ClubBERKHAMSTEDUKLouis Armstrong Show – Ian Bateman Jazz Band
29th April 2022Jazz ClubNORTH COTSWOLDSUK Louis Armstrong Show with Joanna Eden & Enrico Tomasso
1st May 2022Jazz FestivalCHELTENHAMUK Electric Lady Big Band
13th May 2022Jazz ClubONGARUK Louis Armstrong Show with Joanna Eden & Enrico Tomasso
26th June 2022Private FunctionCHELTENHAMUKKim Cypher
1st July 2022Arts CentreILMINSTERUK Louis Armstrong Show with Joanna Eden & Enrico Tomasso
8th July 2022Jazz FestivalWIGANUK Simon Spillett Big Band
10th July 2022Jazz FestivalSWANAGEUK Simon Spillett Big Band
31st August 2022Jazz FestivalBUDEUKIan Bateman’s Jazz Crusaders
11th October 2022Jazz ClubWRAYSBURYUKKenny Ball’s Greatest Hits
13th December 2022Jazz ClubWRAYSBURYUKGraham Smith’s Shades of Jazz
16th December 2022Jazz ClubILMINSTERUKIt’s Trad Dad!