Future Projects

Brazilian Jazz

Ian is working on a new project to bring the instrumental music of Antonio Carlos Jobim to a live setting. Much of Jobim’s work was arranged by Claus Ogerman and usually involved a rhythm section with latin percussion and a string orchestra. Added to this were usually flutes and a trombone. There is a lot of this wonderful music to call on, so watch this space while Ian puts this together!

Tribute to Jack Teagarden

The charts are almost ready and once Ian has some time, he’ll be putting this new show out there. The classic recordings of Jack Teagarden and his various combos.

Tribute to Billie Holiday

Some of this material features in the Lady In Satin show, usually in the first set prior to the big event in the second set. This show will mainly comprise the glorious recordings made by Billie in the 1930s. chiefly with the Teddy Wilson groups. So many of these recordings get overlooked in the many Billie tributes around the world, which tend to lean towards the more popular titles.

Louis and the Angels

Louis Armstrong with a jazz group, violins and a 6-piece vocal harmony group. All the female singers were sopranos – ‘angels’. All the songs had connotations to angels too. This fantastic album was made in the late 1950s when Louis was at the top of his game and we’ll be bringing it to you somewhere soon ‘live’!